About Us

ASCOTEL was established in 1994 with modern ideas and up-to-date standards, having vision for the future and an unchallenged dedication to the telecommunication market in Jordan and Palestine.

Since its early days, Ascotel was keen to penetrate new markets, and present the finest service using the best products available on the market. Hence, ASCOTEL was entrusted by Alcatel Telecom to be their partner in Jordan.

ASCOTEL aims to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions to its customers, which means that your telecom needs will be handled from A to Z.

ASCOTEL has a policy that considers all our clients to be our partners, that is why our offers includes the best services available for the most reasonable prices, and bearing in mind The Pledges we took on ourselves, you can be certain your investment with ASCOTEL is safe, and sound.

Maintenance Capabilities

After-sales service is ASCOTEL's main concern, that is why it was a company policy to have all spare parts available in stock and as near as possible to the customer.

Also all our engineers are highly qualified and technically trained at the manufacturers official training center.

Since we aim to give our customers a complete solution for their telecom needs we worked to get the partnership agreement with the best well known telecommunication companies around the world.

Should you need any information in this respect, please do not hesitate to Contact Us as we will swiftly appoint you one of our representatives to take care of your needs.


Our Pledges

You'll benefit from our sales specialized team extensive experience of the private telecommunication solutions. Our representative, who has perfect knowledge in providing solutions, will give you continuous advise whenever and wherever needed.

  • Quality Assurance
     ASCOTEL, we assure you of our utmost care, and best telecom solutions that matches both your needs and expectations.
  • Acting Fast
    ASCOTEL assures you of its utmost care, and best lead time in responding to your maintenance calls.
  • Efficient Maintenance capabilities
     ASCOTEL engineers and technicians are highly qualified and trained at the mother company offices and training centers, hence comes our assurance of handling your maintenance needs efficiently and swiftly.
  • Best Quality / Price Ratio
    ASCOTEL assures you of its best prices with respect to offered solution's quality, your money will never be wasted, and your investment will be a sound.

    An offer of Partnership
    We keep close links with each and everyone of our clients, our client is our partner. Bearing in mind our in house policy of win/win relationships, and knowing that
     ASCOTEL always establish business relation with internationally well known companies, you can be sure of our long-lasting partnership with you.


Our Vision

At ASCOTEL, we constantly strive to be a leader in our field; Telecommunications' solutions. By combining our engineering expertise, the latest technology and the feedback we receive from our close partnerships with end-users, dealers, ASCOTEL brings the best solutions to the market. For people working in call centers or offices, or people using voice and data, our innovative solutions let people communicate more easily and effectively. 

Although our market is small - Jordan & Palestine - we have more than 20% share of the market.



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